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Is your roof riddled with tiny cracks and dents from a violent hailstorm? Are there missing, bruised, or dented shingles on your roof? Are you and your family waiting for the next heavy rain to find out if your damaged roof is leaking?

When it comes to a storm-damaged roof, the waiting game can be a dangerous one. Let’s take a look at how minor hail damage can progress into serious problems:

Immediately following a hail storm

Shingles that suffer a direct hit from hailstones start to loosen and detach from the granular bond that holds them to the asphalt layer below. When this happens, you’ll see an accumulation of bonding granules in your gutters or at the spots where your gutters drain. This is a clear sign it’s time to have Custom Castles inspect your roof.

More damage as time passes

When minor roof damage goes unnoticed or unrepaired, your roof will continue to decay. Loose bonding granules will fall off the shingles completely and expose the asphalt to the elements. UV light from the sun shines down on the bare asphalt, drying it until it’s brittle and cracked. Extreme temperature changes — especially the winter cold — will cause weak shingles to expand, contract, curl up and crack.

Interior leaks caused by roof damage

Once your roof is in a state of decay, it’s only a matter of time before water starts leaking into your home. And water damage is serious. Ceilings, walls and electrical systems may need repairs, and black mold can grow undetected behind walls, in attics and under baseboards.

Don’t put off your roof inspection!

A simple inspection by a roofing contractor will determine whether or not your roof has been damaged by hail — and any repairs you have completed quickly will save you money in the long run.

It’s also true that most insurance companies put a time limit on claims submitted for hail-damaged roofs. Waiting too long for an inspection could endanger the entire claims process.

Having a safe, solid roof over your head isn’t a luxury — it’s a must. If you think a hail storm may have damaged your roof, give Custom Castles a call. Our storm damage inspections are free. Your peace of mind is priceless.